The Elephant from Revadim…

A very interesting study has been published by colleagues from TAU, BGU and other institutions, on evidence of early butchery of elephants found at the prehistoric site near Kibbutz Revadim (about 1/2 a km to the east of the kibbutz, just to the south of Route 3), where the Safi team stays during the season. This site, the Revadim Quarry site, is of the late Acheulian cultural complex, of the Lower Paleolithic period, and dates to ca. 500-300 thousand years ago.

Various aspects about this site have been published in the past (such as herehere and here), but this new study shows some very interesting evidence of early human butchery of elephants, and even more interestingly, animal fat residue on stone tools relating to this.

So, while dealing with much earlier periods than those that we usually deal with at the Tell es-Safi/Gath excavations, this is quite an interesting aspect of the early history of this region.