Definitely “for the birds”…

A new book has just appeared in the OBO series, which seems to combine between two of my most passionate interests – the Ancient Near East and ornithology!

Definitely interested in checking out this new volume:

von der Osten-Sacken, E. 2015 Untersuchungen zur Geflügelwirtschaft im Alten Orient. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 272. Fribourg: Academic Press.

Here is the blurb which describes the volume:

This monograph studies the economic use of birds from the beginning to the domestication of some of them. Since when do humans hunt birds and how did they use them? The development of methods and significance of fowling and bird keeping are examined with a particular focus on economically relevant, especially fowl-like species.
Different kinds of ancient Near Eastern evidence and source materials (archaezoological, archaeological and philological) are examined and compared to ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman sources. The book is based on a revised habilitation thesis that was critically evaluated by experts of all relevant disciplines and topics. In its breadth and comprehensiveness, it is an unique work and will be the indispensable reference work on poultry in the Ancient Near East for many years to come.