“Caveat lector” on a new book on the Sea Peoples…

A new book on the Sea Peoples has now been published by Osprey Publishing, who put out many popular books on military related themes. Some of these books are excellent, some less.

The book, which I purchased during my recent trip to Paris is entitled:

D’Amato, R., and Salimbeti, A. 2015. Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c. 1400 BC – 1000 BC. Elite 204. Oxford: Osprey.

What can I say – caveat lector


3 thoughts on ““Caveat lector” on a new book on the Sea Peoples…

  1. ehcline

    Amen to that. It doesn’t even refer to my book, which was out a full year before this was published, let alone anything else recent in the field…


    1. arenmaeir

      Fully agree. Save for one reference from 2013, most of the references are from the “last generation” of Sea Peoples studies. Makes one wonder whether Google Scholar is available in Italy… :-)


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