“Young Scholars” conference at BIU, April 30th, 2015

This coming April 30th, 2015, a “Young Scholars” conference of the Dept. of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at BIU will take place. In the meeting, graduate and doctoral students from the department will present lectures (in Hebrew) on aspects of their research.

Among the various lectures, there will be two related to Safi: 1) Shira (Kisos) Albaz will speak about the faience beads from the EB at the site. 2) Nahshon Zanton will speak about new aspects of the typology of the Iron IIA pottery from the site.

In addition, there will be many other very interesting talks. The meeting is open to the public – see below the program: Kenes Hokrim Zeerim_BIU 2015 Should be very interesting – do join us! Aren