Ackerman Family Annual Workshop in Biblical Archaeology

As mentioned previously, this past Wednesday-Thursday, the 1st annual Ackerman Family Workshop in Biblical Archaeology was held, and the topic was the Late Bronze Age in Southern Canaan. The first day consisted of a full day of lectures that were given at BIU, by scholars from various universities in Israel and US and Europe. In addition, to the 20 odd speakers, about 70 colleagues and students, from all the universities in Israel (as well as a nice amount of visitors from abroad), joined us for the day. The talks were very interesting and thought provoking, and interesting discussions developed – both during the sessions and in the breaks between them. Needless to say, it was also nice to see so many friends and colleagues.

The following day, on Thursday, a group of the lecturers went on a field trip to various sites that were discussed in the talks, including Beth Shemesh, Lachish, Burna and Gath. At each site, we were guided by the directors of the excavations, and very interesting discussions developed.

Based on what I can say, and the reactions of many of the participants, this meeting was quite a smashing success!

I hope to post pictures next week.


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