Update on work in feature south of Area A

Amit, Emuna and Dina continued to work today in the interesting feature (water system? cave?) south of Area A, and things are getting interesting – and still not too clear.

What now is clear is that this is a typical cave for the region – with a hard nari (calcrete) roof and sides of soft chalk. Very often, as in this case, the roof collapses, creating a depression. What is interesting though is that in the depression there are some walls, as well as a plastered area. So, most probably in addition to have served as a cave – it was reused for other functions at some stage.

So far, more than that is hard to say….

Here are some pictures from today. Note that the temperature outside today was unbelievably hot – something like 44 degrees centigrade in the shade!

Here are some pictures – as you can see – even though they were working in a depression – they were not depressed…

Amit et al in shade 27_5_15excavating depression south of A_general view_27_5_15 close up of wall and plaster in depression south of A_27_5_15 Emuna and Dina in depression_27_5_15

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