Preparation day at Tell and Revadim

Yesterday, the staff members who were in Israel got together for another, very successful preparation day, at the tell and at Revadim.

On the tell, we prepared the tarps in the excavation areas and logistical areas. In addition, Danny, from the Nature and Parks Authority came with a motorized scythe – which did wonders at knocking down the “monster thorns” around in and around the excavation areas and paths.

In addition, some of the staff worked to set up the labs and offices at Kibbutz Revadim.

It was a very successful day – and part of the day it was even cloudy – which made working without tarps much easier.

Thanks for all for all the hard work.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of a really nice, rather large piece of the so-called “Red, White and Blue Ware” dating to the Middle Bronze Age, which I picked up on surface near Area F.

RWB sherd from surface near F 2015

And on Sunday – the rest of the team arrives – and this year’s adventure begins!


P.S. Following up on a comment by Chris McKinney, this is about a week too early for July 4th…