First day of work for the 2015 season

Today, we had the first day for the full team in the field for the 2015 season!

Although I don’t think anyone did any “real” digging today, the season is off to a great start! We have an absolutely fantastic team – altogether about 90 members this week – and things are looking really super.

As in previous seasons and in other excavations, the first day is a very technical day, in which a lot of equipment is moved up to the excavation areas, thorns and plants are removed from in and around the excavation areas, and the tarps above the excavation areas are finalized. In addition, the team members of the various areas get to know each other (for many, it is the first time in the field) and get a feeling what goes on during the excavation.

Tomorrow, all the areas will start actual excavation – so I hope we will commence having some nice finds right away!

Looking forward to a great season!