General update for July 7th, 2015

Once again, a great day!

In addition to the really nice wall from Area D, which I posted a picture just before, we had really nice results in all areas.

In Area F, the EB levels below the EB fortification are starting to appear really nicely in two different parts of the area, including some really nice vessels in what appears to be a domestic context. In addition, the LB and Iron I levels are being exposed in the rooms above the fortification and we should have some really nice finds within real soon. Getting down to the EB fortifications has exposed additional sections of the MB glacis – and a very collection of “Red, White and Blue” pottery is coming out.

Area P was popping today, especially with the large group of Bar Ilan University – Yeshiva University summer research students, who joined us for the day and really helped out in the area. Most impressively we have the EB fortification in another square, and have gone down nicely in the LB within the wall

In Area A, Louise and her team excavated out a very nice context of the 9th cent destruction, with collapsed mudbrick and several vessels. They also went down further into the LB in the lower squares.

In Area E they commenced taking down some “floating” walls – to make room to expand the exposure of the earlier phases in this area. Also, they continued to expose the rather large piece of carbonized olive wood which was discovered last week.

In Area D, in addition to the great city wall, Amit and his team had a bunch of nice finds, including a pit with carbonized seeds and the jaws and feet of a goat – perhaps a cultic deposition as we have seen previously both in Area A and D. In addition, portions of decorated chalice were exposed.

Here are some pictures from the day:

excavating chalice Sue Adi and Liora excavating pit in Area D Area D - three generations9th cent dest in Area ALouises angels

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