Update for July 9th, 2015

Great day on site – in all the areas!

In Area F, the pre-fortification phases are being exposed in two areas – and things are looking very interesting. Two LB rooms are being excavated – and both have some really nice finds! And later during the day, Lisa, Yotam and Chris, from the Kimmel WIS center, came by to work on taking 14C samples from the LB/Iron I transition in Area F.

In Area P, two additional sections of the EB wall were exposed. In addition, Andrew, in his deep pit, has excavated thru a wall that runs below the EB fortification – possibly dating to the EB II. And in the LB rooms near the wall, additional LB finds came out.

Louise and her team in Area A continued working on the 9th cent. destruction, and found two loomweights. In addition, they are working in 8th cent and LB levels. Quite interestingly, its seems that we have found some pig bones from the LB levels.

In Area E, Haskel and his team are working mainly on EB, but also LB materials. It appears that the carbonized branch we thought we had is in fact pieces of wood in what might be a pit – so much for that. But we did have various other nice things, such a cute little animal figurine from the LB levels.

In Area D, the fun continues! We have finds from the 9th cent. destruction and from the metallurgical area, but the main and exciting finds relate to the fortification and apparent gate. The D team worked real hard to clear the surface over a very large area, so that we could start seeing the various features relating to this much clear. And in fact, many lines of megalithic stone are appearing, with nice corners, features and even mudbricks. It is clear that this will be a monumental task to excavate this – which may take quite a few seasons! In any case, we are all totally hyped up about this – and looking forward to what will be found.

We also had some visits today, including Prof. David Schloen and his family, and Prof. Oded Lifschitz, who were all very impressed by the gate.

Way to go!

Erin in D metallurgical area EB wall in P Darra with earlier F EB layer clearying the gate complex walls Christinas team in F IMG_7221 LB figurine from E view of gate in D Andrew in P