Update for July 13th

The start of the third week of the excavation went very well and the finds from all the areas were very exciting!

In Area D, new finds of all kinds were appearing. The new fortifications and gate are becoming more and more impressive, with many lines of massive, megalithic stones now seen, both in the fortifications near the original excavations in Area D, as well as in the vicinity of the gate. Among other things, we have what appears to be a stone built glacis of megalithic stones, and several walls which already have three courses of stones! The various features related to the excavation are getting larger and larger! In addition, the other part of G, interesting remains dating to the 9th cent BCE destruction and the earlier 10th cent layer were discovered – and it appears that there is evidence of 3 pre-destruction architectural phases in this area, making the use of the lower city even more impressive!

In Area A, Louise and her team came up with some nice finds from the LB levels, including a bottom of a vessel in which a dried fig was found (!), and a very interesting fragment of a non-local shell.

In Area P, the EB fortification and the pre-fortification EB remains are being further exposed. In the LB levels, a plastered installation, utilizing the inside of the EB wall was found and will be further investigated. A nice little find from the LB level was a Egyptian style glass pendant of grapes!

In Area F, a new phase of the pre-fortification EB levels was defined – meaning that there are at least 2 architectural stages dating to the EB which precede the construction of the EB wall!

And finally, in Area E, major work was done on taking apart walls to go down to the earlier EB phases, as well as defining some EB floors and walls. In addition, some interesting LB and Iron Age contexts were excavated.

An interesting aspect which went on at site today was a seismic analysis conducted by Prof. Amotz Agnon (HU) and his student Yatir. The laid out geomicrophones at various points on the site, to check how different parts of the site, and off site locations react to seismic energy.

We also has a visit of the head of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Mr. Shaul Goldstein, who was very impressed by the gate remains – and hopefully will assist in developing and excavating these remains.

Here are some pictures

geophone analysis Shaul Goldstein on site July 2015 Vessel in Area D working on the gate Amit and Caspar Carl and some complete vessels