Update for July 14th, 2015

Another great day on the tell, with a lot of very interesting finds, and here are a few of them:

In Area D, in addition to continuing to discover more and more aspects of the fortifications and gate, and more and more finds from the 9th cent. BCE destruction, we have to very interesting finds: 1) we now have clear stratigraphic, architectural and ceramic evidence for a substantial Iron I phase in Area D, below the Stratum D4 (10th cent. BCE). This is the first clear cut evidence that there is a significant stratum from the Iron I (with Iron I Philistine 1 and 2 decorated pottery!). This means that the lower city of Gath was settled not only in the 10th and 9th cent. BCE – but already during the Iron I! 2) It appears that the area with metallurgical activity dates to the 9th cent destruction level – and not to the post-destruction squatter’s phase.

Some other interesting points:

In Area F, we have nice LB and Iron I levels, and really nice evidence of an earlier phase of the EB, before the fortification. This fits in well with the picture in Area P!

Great day! Great finds! Great team!