And yes, another great day…

So the finds keep on popping up…

In Area F, there are two beautiful LB floors rich with finds, and we now have clear stratigraphic evidence of several LB stages. The EB in F is also quite impressive, and the pre-fortification levels are slowly expanding.

In P, the EB wall continues to grow and we are beginning to wonder whether we have the location of a turn in the wall. The LB levels are also of interest – with a possible plaster installation built inside the wall.

In A, they are digging in the 8th and 9th cent levels, and some nice finds (wall, vessels, etc.) were discovered.

In E, we have several nice floors and walls, including a nicely preserved phytolith and ash level which will provide some good samples for dating. It appears that we now have good datable samples from at least 5 phases in the EB!

In D, the fun continues as well. We now have close to 30 meters (!!!) of the wall leading towards the gate, as well as all kinds of additional built features. We still are very far from understanding them. Very nicely, we seem to be getting very close the actual production location in the 9th cent metallurgical area in D, and we may have begun to uncover a floor level with evidence of intense heating. This should be VERY interesting. From the metallurgical area we also exposed a rather complete jaw of a cow. Needless to say, the 9th cent. destruction level continues to produce all kinds of rich finds…

Here is a picture of the cow jaw, and a view of another section of the city wall, which Michael Asband and Oren Ackermann found in the Elah River valley bed, about 100 m to the east of the gate!

Cow jaw in situ section of wall in wadi 1


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  1. I am looking forward to the findings from the 9th century destruction layer as that is the time of the drought and resulting civil unrest for all dry-land farming areas.


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