Update for July 16th, 2015

While it was quite a scorcher today, it was a very successful day over all. Quite a few visitors came to the site, including deputy Australian ambassador, and several colleagues from various institutions. Needless to say, they were impressed with the fortifications and gate…

As to finds – we had quite a nice day.

In Area A, the 9th cent. destruction provided a bunch of nice finds, including several loomweights, a jar stopper, and a bunch of vessels. And later on, during pottery washing, the bottom part of a really nice faience figurine/amulet was found, depicting a Egyptian deity – with a fragmentary hieroglyphic inscription on its back!

In Area E a nice bunch of walls were taken down – and next year, we will have a big area of the earlier EB neighborhood ready for excavation!

In Area P they started filling in the deep pit outside of the EB wall, and continued looking for other sections of the EB – and finding LB materials inside the wall.

The Area F team was particularly happy about some really nice LB floors which they exposed, including what looks like a very nice bronze object!

Down in the lower city, the Area D team continued working on the fortifications and we now have at least 30 meters of the wall, along with many other well built features. While we are quite far from fully understanding this architectural complex, it is getting more and more impressive. To this we can add that all visitors seem to agree with us that whatever it is – it is very impressive…

In the other parts of D the metallurgical area gets more and more interesting – but not fully understood, and we have additional remains relating to this activity. We still are fully sure where the actual production was taking place. To this we can add that the new Iron I level in this area is getting bigger – and hopefully, in the future, we will understand it more!

Nice day!

Here’s a picture with the deputy ambassador with Louise and myself.

Deputy Australian ambassador visits Safi