Cleaning day – and a little surprise in Area D!

Today was a cleaning day in all the areas. All the tarps were taken down, tools were collected, and the areas were cleaned for final photography. The entire team worked fantastically – and this on a very hot day without shades!

And as usual, on the final day, a little surprise popped up! In Area D, Dr. Ron Shaar from the HU came to sample from a tabun (clay oven) from the post-Hazael destruction level “squatters’ phase” and when he was digging in the tabun a surprise came out – complete cooking jug – in the tabun (!!), filled with charred materials (including a lot of charred seeds!). In addition, when the team started excavating to remove it (since it could not be left between the seasons), it turned out that the tabun is based on grinding stone fragments – a very unusual thing.

In addition to this, in the pottery reading this afternoon, a couple of cool finds appeared in a pottery basket from the LB levels (which was dug by Chiara): in addition to the various local and imported LB pottery, we found a fragment of a ostrich egg shell, a very nice obsidian blade, and part of a handmade vessel – which from a first glance looks like it might be connected to the so-called “Handmade Burnish Ware” (or sometimes called “Barbarian Ware”) of the late Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age.

Nice little way to cap the season!

Here are some pictures of the finds in Area D:

excavating tabun on final day 1 excavating tabun on final day

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