Another cool thing for the end of the season – size of the MB glacis!

Just another cool thing which popped up for the end of the season  – and this time from Area F.

Jeff and Eric, after finishing up the final photos this morning in Area F, went down to the bottom of the western slope below F, to look around at a large terrace wall which had collapsed during the winter. And guess what they found?

Apparently, the MB glacis (revetment) which we found in Area F, supporting the MB rebuilding of the EB fortification wall, which is built of a very easy to identify crushed yellow sand (and managed to survive years of erosion), can be seen about 20 meters lower down on the slope! That means that during the MB (when only the uppermost part of the tell seems to have been fortified), there was an enormous yellow glacis surrounding the fortifications!

Makes one wonder what the site was called then – maybe the “Yellow Fort” – as opposed to “Blanche Garde” in later times…


Yet another very interesting addition for the end of the season!