Aerial of fortifications and other things in lower city!

Here’s an aerial of a portion of the lower city, with the section of the fortifications and possible city gate. Among other things, you can see the more than 30 meters of the city wall which has been traced on surface, and various other structures, features, etc. Notice, in addition, all kinds of interesting features that can be seen in the photo just below surface not far from the fortifications, within the city.

general view of D fortifications

So much for claims that the lower city was not fortified; and so much for the claims that Gath in the Iron IIA was not a central city state in the central Shephelah…

The fun has just begun!! :-)

P.S. Sometimes, the best way to express one’s feelings is through a good haka:

6 thoughts on “Aerial of fortifications and other things in lower city!

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  2. Very impressive. It would be great if you could overlay the photo with topographic contour lines with perhaps a 1 meter resolution and also include an estimate of where the river bed was located 3000 years ago. Didn’t I hear someone say that might have been 50 meters further north based on the foundations dug for the power line towers?


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