Another article in Haaretz!

We are definitely sizzling… :-)

Another article relating to our work on the project has just appeared in the Hebrew version of Haaretz (see below a PDF of the full article).

צפריר רינת בהארץ על פליאואנתרופוקן בצבע

Tsafrir Rinat, the Haaretz environmental correspondent, wrote a nice piece about the article which we recently published which dealt with the Palaeo-Anthropocene in Israel (this study was spearheaded by Oren Ackermann).

In the Haaretz article, Oren get’s a nice shout out, and a link is also provided to the Haaretz article about Philistine invasion biology which appeared just recently (see here for the Hebrew version and here for the English version of this).

Not bad – three Haaretz articles in about a month…