Safi exhibition at KU!!

Eric Welch of KU, long-term core staff member of the Safi team (currently co-director of Area F, and soon to become director of the new Area K) has informed me about an exhibition that Darra Stuart (twice member of the KU Safi team) and Eric himself prepared on the excavations at Safi.

Here is Eric’s description:

This weekend Darra and I set up a gallery at KU promoting our Safi work with Study Abroad and the Center for Undergraduate Research. We’ve taken some the best Safi images and had them framed and then arranged them chronologically with selections of pottery from KU’s teaching collection. Since Darra did a lot of work on the EB wall, we used yellow tape to reconstruct the dimensions of the EB wall across the gallery. We’ve already had great reactions to being able to see how massive the wall was!

People are already very excited about this. We’re hoping this will help us recruit a large team !

See below the pictures that Eric sent – very cool. And clearly, we expect an awesome KU team this summer!


IMG_6127 IMG_6126 IMG_6125 image1