New paper on environmental archaeology around Tell es-Safi/Gath

Just got back from Atlanta (SBL meeting) and found in my inbox the PDF of the just appeared article, spearheaded by Oren Ackermann, which deals with a case study from the surroundings of Tell es-Safi/Gath, demonstrating the potential of soil and sediment study for the reconstruction of environmental history.

The full title is:
Ackermann, O., Greenbaum, N., Osband, M., Almogi-Labin, A., Ayalon, A., Bar-Matthews, A., Boaretto, E., Bruins, H. J., Cabanes, D., Horwitz, L. K., Neumann, F. H., Porat, N., Schilman, B., Weiss, E., and Maeir, A. M. 2015. Chapter 19: Soil and Sediments as an Archive of Landscape History: The Case Study of Tell es-Safi/Gath, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Pp. 281–94 in Soils and Sediments as Archives of Environmental Change. Geoarchaeology and Landscape Change in the Subtropics and Tropics, eds. B. Lucke, R. Bäumler and M. Schmidt. Erlanger Geographische Arbeiten Band 42. Erlangen: Palm und Enke Verlag.
A link to the paper can be found here.