New article on Philistine inscriptions

A new article that just appeared in IEJ, spearheaded by Brent Davis, along with Louise Hitchcock and myself, in which we discuss the small corpus of “Philistine” inscriptions from Iron Age Philistia, and suggest thoughts regarding the identification of writing systems, language and function, and attempt to place them within a more general context of current understanding of the Sea Peoples phenomenon and the appearance and development of the Philistine culture.
The full title is:
Davis, B., Maeir, A. M., and Hitchcock, L. A. 2015. Disentangling Entangled Objects: Iron Age Inscriptions from Philistia as a Reflection of Cultural Processes. Israel Exploration Journal 65(2): 140–65.
Here’s a link where you can find the full text.
P.S. And on the same occasion – please note the other articles in this very nice issue of IEJ!