Two quick visits to the tell

Yesterday (Wednesday) and today, I had two quick visits to the tell. On Wednesday, I was with a TV crew who is filming a chapter on the Kingdom of Judah for an Israeli Channel One series on the history of the Land of Israel, which should be aired sometime in the future. In fact, I had already been filmed for this series at the tell in the past, for the chapter on the early Iron Age. And to make it even nicer, Dr. Omer Sergi, from TAU was the “host” for the chapter filmed yesterday – so we had a great time – both on the tell, and later that day when they came to the Safi lab in BIU to film some finds.

Today, I gave a tour to a very nice group from the Albright Institute in Jerusalem.

It was great weather on both days – and as usual, the green color of the tell during the winter is quite a spectacle! All told, the tell is in good shape, despite the recent rains, but due to the fact that we are only at the beginning of the winter – we have yet to see what the winter will bring…