Field trip to Miqne, Safi and Ashkelon

Yesterday (Jan. 7th), I took a group of BIU students for a field trip to Miqne, Safi and Ashkelon.

First of all, it was my first visit to Miqne in quite a few years. There is not a very good road to the site, even for a bus during the winter, and thanks to the hard work of someone from Kibbutz Revadim (Idan), the site is well-kept – and even on the way to becoming a national park!

We then went to Safi and did a long tour – and the site is looking good. So far, not too much damage from the winter weather (but we are only at the beginning…)

And then, we went on to Ashkelon for a short visit.

Here is a picture of Shani and Bracha at the bottom of the site, next to the sign. For Shani, this was the first time she was at Safi during the winter, when it is all green – very different from the dried out version which she got to known in previous seasons of excavation!

Shani and Bracha at Safi_Jan 2016