A “post-mortem” on the so-called “Jehoash Inscription”

Prof. Ed Greenstein, of the Bible Dept. at Bar-Ilan University, has published an excellent essay in which he provides a “post-mortem” overview of the so-called “Jehoash Inscription” – demonstrating quite conclusively that it is a forgery – and should be related to as such.

Well worth reading!


2 thoughts on “A “post-mortem” on the so-called “Jehoash Inscription”

  1. As correctly pointed out, the attempted Hebrew translated is seriously flawed as are all the attempted Hebrew translations of these early alphabetic inscriptions (like the Dan Stele). But all these inscriptions are not in Hebrew but are in an alphabetic form of Akkadian. Because this tablet can be translated in alphabetic Akkadian, a piece of knowledge not known prior to 2015, this inscription is authentic. Yet it is the most Hebrew-like of all the alphabetic Akkadian inscriptions because it uses the Hebrew word “Yah” and transliterates /s/ sounds just like Hebrew. As such this inscription should be considered to be a national treasure of Israel. A proper word by word translation can be found here: http://www.davidolmsted.net/category/drought-steles/jezreel-valley-jehoash-tablet/


    1. arenmaeir

      Hi! What you are suggesting is, to say it lightly, quite unorthodox. As with other research in general, but particularly for out of the box hypotheses such as this, until you publish this (or attempt to…) in a peer-reviewed journal, in which your suggestions can be critiqued and reviewed by scholars trained in the disciplines relevant to your iconoclastic interpretation – this has to be viewed with extreme caution


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