Call for papers for Session at upcoming WAC

Louise Hitchcock has asked me to post the following notice:

Dear Colleagues,

I am co-convening with Prof Stuart Smith of UC Santa Barbara a Symposium at the World Archaeology Congress in Kyoto, Japan (August 28 – Friday September 2, 2016) within theme of T12- Interactions, organized by Kristian Kritiansen

We welcome your contribution to our Symposium, T12-B:
Entangled, Transnational and Transcultural Approaches to the Liminal Past

Organisers: Louise Hitchcock (University of Melbourne / Australia) and
Stuart Tyson Smith (University of California, Santa Barbara / USA)

This session seeks papers proposing to examine and explain interactions in the globalized world of ancient networks. We seek papers addressing areas of strong intercultural contact and negotiation of cultural identity such as borderlands and interfaces, contested spaces, hypothetical migration spaces, trading regions and emporia, maritime networks (including those connected with piracy and/or slavery), third gender perspectives, and other spatial liminalities. We welcome papers exploring these issues, which either interrogate current theoretical perspectives or apply them to robust bodies of data in prehistoric and historical archaeology. Theoretical perspectives might include (but are not limited to) transculturalism, agency theory, practice theory, entanglement, theories of transnational artifacts and object biographies, post-colonial theory, and the development of cross-cultural historical and/or anthropological models.

To access the call for papers, registration, and travel information, please visit the WAC 8 Website:

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Louise Hitchcock
The University of Melbourne