Peek at “Of Kings and Prophets” trailer…

Based on what I could see from a trailer for the new show “Of Kings and Prophets” which is a TV drama telling the story of the rise of David, it appears that one of the following scenarios occurred when the background was researched: 1) the producers did not enlist the expertise of someone familiar with the material culture of the early Iron Age; 2) they did, but the expert was not too familiar; 3) they did not follow the advice of the expert; 4) all of the above…

But one should remember in any case – all it is is a TV show, so let’s not get too upset…

Just a couple of things I noticed (from this very rushed overview in the trailer) that “don’t work”:

  1. Horses have stirrups and seem to have saddles
  2. At least some of the swords I saw seem very different from what I would expect
  3. The armor that the warriors were wearing did not seem right
  4. Jewelry that I saw on people did not seem correct
  5. The architecture seemed very wrong
  6. Etc…

Here’s the trailer:


2 thoughts on “Peek at “Of Kings and Prophets” trailer…

  1. Peter van der Veen

    Not bad but I agree much on the criticisms you wrote. King David with Richard Gere remains much superior though even if there too many details are just not right :-)


  2. I’ll be interested to see your comments after you see the first full episode that aired in the US last night. I ruined it for my wife by my constant comments. And I’m not even an expert (Retired Pastor/SBL member). I shared your blog post with my friends on Facebook. Thank you.


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