Call for papers in Epigraphy session at EABS 2016

Robert Deutsch has asked me to post notice on a call for papers at a session in northwest Semitic epigraphy in the upcoming European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS) annual meeting, to be held in Leuven in July 2016.

As in the past, even if I wanted to participated in this meeting I could not, as it comes out just during the months when most archaeologists are busy digging. And, if I may add, this is a repeating unfortunate choice in the EABS’s scheduling – as it precludes the participation of most of the practicing archaeologists who are interested in the interface between Bible and archaeology…

In any case, here are the details:

European Association of Biblical Studies –

Annual Meeting 2016 will take place in Leuven, Belgium, July 17-20.

Northwest Semitic Epigraphy related to the Biblical World

Chairs: Prof. Regine Hunziker-Rodewald, University of Strasbourg, France
Dr. Robert Deutsch, PhD Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Programme: This research group will further develop the work of the unit ?Epigraphical and Paleological Studies Pertaining to the Biblical World?, which met at Lisbon in 2008 (EABS), Vienna in 2007 (SBL), Rome in 2009, London in 2011, Amsterdam in 2012 and St Andrews in 2013. The group was chaired by Prof. Meir Lubetski of the City University of New York. In 2014 (SBL Vienna), Annalisa Azzoni (Vanderbilt University) and Robert Deutsch (independent scholar) were the co-chairs.

The objective of the present research group is to advance the Ancient Near Eastern research by integrating the constantly growing corpus of epigraphic material from the 1st millennium BC. Northwest Semitic inscriptions, found mainly on ostraca, seals and seal impressions from surveys and archaeological excavations, are important prime sources, contemporary with the formation of the biblical texts. Equally important for our epigraphical research are all the relevant fields of study in the material culture of the 1st millennium BC from the southern Levant.

Call for Papers: We look forward for a wide international participation with a multiplicity of approaches. We invite scholars to present their most recent research in the field.

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Robert Deutsch,