Great workshop on the Anthropocene at BGU

This past Thursday (March 31st, 2016), as previously noted, I participated in a one day meeting/workshop at Ben-Gurion University, which dealt with various issues relating to the Anthropocene and Paleoanthropocene – a hot, highly debated, and very interesting topic.

For those who don’t know that this is – it is basically the assumption that we are currently in a new geological period in which man has a central and a very clearly seen influence. One of the questions is whether this is so; and another is – if so – when does this start?

Prof. Jed Kaplan, from the University of Lausanne, who was the guest speaker, gave a great overview, and then we heard a series of excellent talks, and discussions, from a wide variety of disciplines, on issues relating to this topic.

The talks included materials from the Tell es-Safi/Gath Project (presented by Oren Ackermann and Liora Horwitz), but many other interesting papers.

On this coming Monday, Jed will tour with us at Tell es-Safi/Gath, and later on visit the Safi lab at BIU.