And something from the Tell for Passover!

On our field trip to the tell yesterday, Udi Weiss pointed out something very interesting, relevant for the festival of Passover that Jews throughout the world celebrate from next Friday evening.

One of the many special customs that are observed at the Passover Seder is eating “Maror” – which, according to various customs are various types of bitter plants (some more, some less better). The tradition is based on the biblical commandment regarding the Pessach sacrifice that should be eaten with bitter herbs (Exodus 12:8). As mentioned, there are many traditions regarding what is the original plant (or plants) to be used for this.

One of the species suggested for this (originally suggested by the late Prof. Yehuda Felix, of Bar-Ilan University) is the Prickly Lettuce (Lactuta serriola, חסת המצפן).

And in fact, Udi found some Prickly Lettuce growing in abundance on the tell – and this just in time for the Seder. So, I took some and put it in the fridge – and hopefully it will still be edible next Friday night!

Here’s a picture of it:


Chag Pessach Kasher ve-Sameach (Happy and Kosher Pessach) to all!