New Safi Project Articles: EB pottery with plaster; Kfar Menahem site

Two new articles, fruits of the Tell es-Safi/Gath project have just appeared!

1) The first one, by Adi and a big group of collaborators, deals with a technological and archaeological study of Early Bronze Age pottery with a unique plaster covering. While known from other sites in Israel, Syria and Egypt, this is the first time a detailed technological study of this pottery has been conducted.

The full title is:

Eliyahu-Behar, A., Shai, I., Regev, L., Ben-Shlomo, D., Albaz, S., Maeir, A. M., and Greenfield, H. J. 2016. Early Bronze Age Pottery Covered with Lime-Plaster: Technological Observations. Tel Aviv 43: 27–42.

To see a PDF – go here.

2) The second article is by Amit and Debi, and deals with the interpretation of the Kfar Menahem site, an Iron Age IIB rural site just to the east of Tell es-Safi/Gath. In this study, Amit and Debi suggest that the function of the site was related to the production of textiles.

The full title is:

Dagan, A., and Cassuto, D. R. 2016. Horbat Shim`on: An Eight-Century BCE Textile Workshop in the Southern Coastal Plain. Israel Exploration Journal 66(1): 35–54.


Nice harvest for the Safi team!!