Day 2 of the 1st week

Today, June 28th was the 2nd day of excavations, and things are going great!

Here’s a quick review of some of the finds:

Area A: Louise and her team our working in the 8th cent and 9th cent levels, and are not too far from reaching the Iron I levels – and the continuation of the Iron I building excavated a few seasons ago.

Area D: Things are going full swing there – and Amit is orchestrating quite a show! In D1 – Vanessa has found the continuation of the metallurgical area – and already has had some related finds; in D2 – in the area of the gate, MiYoung in already on the 9th cent destruction level, and Dan and Jim are clearing what may be some architecture related to the gate. In D3 – Jill cracked surface and we hope to start having an idea of what the structure that we saw in the aerials is.

Area E: Haskel and Shira are back working in the EB – and we already have some nice clean contexts with plenty of pottery!

Area F: Jeff and his team have started excavating in two squares – both seeming in the LB

Area K: the new area – Eric and his team already have some very interesting results. Right next to the stone installation which we saw on surface (possibly an oil press), the found another stone installation – and all around what seems to be the 9th cent destruction.

Great day! Here are some pictures: