Update for June 29th

Great day at the dig today, and in fact in all areas we are fully excavating and finding great stuff. Add to that, we had a birthday celebration in F (for Jillian and Chris) and a few visits to the site.

In Area A, Louise an her team had some really nice finds, including a bunch of loomweights – including one made of stone which may be a reused EB macehead, a juglet, and coming up from below, some really nice fragments of Philistine Bichrome.

In Area D – Amit and his team are finding great stuff. In D1 – Vanessa and her team have found a lot more materials relating to the metallurgical area; D2 – MiYoung, Dan, Jim and Maria are in the 9th cent. destruction level in some squares, have 10th cent materials in another and are beginning to find some nice lines of architecture; D3 – Jill and her team are still trying to get thru the modern materials to the early levels

Area E: Haskel and Shira are deep in the EB levels – and are coming up with a lot of pottery, installations and other cool things

Area F: Jeff and his team are working in two very interesting LB squares – including some more bronze finds.

Area K: Eric and his team are expanding the new squares – and it looks like they are in the destruction level, with a couple of installations, in some of the squares.

Nice day – here are some pictures: