Update for June 30th, 2016

Nice day, once again! Here is a quick review of the finds from the various areas:

Area A: More work in the Iron IIA destruction and it seems that the A team is very close to the Iron I levels

Area D: D1 is coming up with more and more metallurgy-related finds; D2 – are finding great Iron IIA (Hazael) destruction contexts and more and more architecture in the vicinity of the what we hope is the gate; D3 – seem to have gone thru a sterile modern level and are on the top of the Iron IIA level

Area E: more and more EB contexts – floors, installations and lots of pottery

Area F: cleaned part of the MB city wall and seem to have some nice MB pottery to date it. And also are going thru one LB floor to uncover another one.

Area K: Discovered what seems to be another component of an olive press installation – a very large stone object – either a weight or a roller.

All told – things are looking good!

Here are some pictures:


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