Update for Friday, 1/7/16

The last day of the first week of the 2016 season was full of finds!

In addition to visits from quite a visitors (and families with kids who joined the dig for a day), a bunch of nice things came up in the various areas:

Area A: Louise and her team are into the 9th cent. destruction level, and found a few more loom weights as well as other finds.

Area D: Amit and his team are busy working in the vicinity of the gate, and more and more of the squares have remains dating to the 9th cent. destruction level, hinting to what apparently is the final phase of the gate. The finds included a complete jug. In the metallurgical area, more metal production related finds come out (including a tuyere), and a bone knife handle.

Area E: Shira and Haskel’s team continue working on the EB levels, with various finds and installations. This includes some more animal teeth – which are important for expanding our isotope studies on the EB fauna.

Area F: Jeff and his team had some really nice finds – including another bronze arrow head and a stone bead, both from LB levels.

Area K: Eric and his team are finding more and more installations, most probably related to olive oil production – all right near surface.

All told a great ending for a great week!

Here are some pictures:

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