Day 2 of week 2


Another really nice day on the dig – with some nice finds!

Area A: Louise’s team is excavating in Iron IIA and Iron I, and finds include some almost complete vessels, and nice jar stopper and other stuff.

Area D: Finds are popping out all over D and Amit’s team is having a ball. Near the gate, we have both Iron IIA and Iron I/II finds, including several complete vessels, jar stoppers, grinding stones, walls, and more and more. Things are developing nicely. The the metallurgical area is expanding!

Area E: Shira and Haskel’s team are doing great! The donkey is being exposed and there are some additional animal bones in the pit – and there may be another donkey! In addition, several beautiful Canaanite flint blades were found.

Area F: Jeff and his team had a lot of nice finds of the LB and Iron I, including an arrowhead, a bone handle, and very nice piece of Myc IIIC/Philistine 1 pottery.

Area K: Looks like Eric and his team have some surfaces related to the agricultural installations, with lots of pottery on the surfaces.


Here’s some photos: