Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

And yes, another great day! We had an enormous team today. In addition to the regular team, a group of 25 students from the Ashkelon College joined the dig – and we were quite a team!

Area A: The A team are in the Iron I and Iron II. Among the finds today was another  bronze pin – and quite a lot of pottery.

Area D: Woohoo! The gate area has a ton of finds. This included clear Iron IIA AND Iron I levels, so it is looking more and more that the gate area was in use already in the mid-Iron I. We have a lot of Philistine 2 (Bichrome), and even some imported Cypriot pottery! Oodles and oodles of finds, including some quite impressive architecture is coming out!

Area E: The donkey seems to have another friend – so we may have three donkey burials in the area! This is getting very interesting!

Area F: The team was working away today in the Iron IIA, Iron I, LB and possibly MB.

Area K: more and more finds relating to the agricultural installations – including some layers of pottery, a very hard to understand layer of sediment – and what appears to be some cool architecture.

See below some pictures.

And BTW  – last night we tried out a new format of lectures – TEDx Safi! We had three short lectures – by Jeff, Louise and Jill – instead of the standard format of a one hour lecture. It worked out great and people had a lot of fun. And we will do this again in the coming weeks.


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