Yes, another great day (July 7th, 2016)

We had another great day on the tell, with great finds all over!

Area A: Louise and her team are working in the Iron I and Iron IIA destruction level. Among other finds, they found a couple of fragments of ivory

Area D: Oh boy – a lot of stuff for Amit and his team. The gate area is only more and more fascinating. We have more and more very substantial walls – both large stone ones, as well as brick walls with plaster coating. What is even more impressive is the fact that we now have clear cut stratigraphic evidence of at least two clear stratigraphic/architectural phases in this area – one the final 9th cent. destruction – and at least another one in which we have oodles of Philistine 2 (Bichrome) pottery. It the gate is in use already at this that is not yet clear, but in any case we can say that the lower city of Gath is already extensively settled in the 11th and perhaps already the late 12th cent. BCE. Needless to say this is very important as this runs counter to suggestions (won’t name names…;-) that believe that Gath only became a large city in the Iron IIA…Finds included several jars with a lot of charred botanical finds, a structure built up against the gate area with what looks like a kitchen area (with a tabun/tanur, paved floor, working platform, handmade vessels, etc.), as well as all kinds of other cool finds!

Area E: We now officially have two donkeys being excavated in the area! This means that with stuff from previous seasons we have major portions of 4 donkeys! I see a lot more interesting studies on relating to these asses…In addition, we had other nice finds, including another complete flint blade.

Area F: Jeff’s team had a lot of nice finds today. This included a collection of beads and other objects probably all coming from some sort of necklace from the late MB/early LB; a very nice cuboid weight/pounder from the same period; some nice Philistine 1 pottery, and other finds.

Area K: Eric and his team are deep in a layer with restorable pottery in many of the squares. In addition, more and more architecture is showing up. This new area is getting more and more promising!

And here are some pictures:

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