Fantastic end of 2nd week!

Today, Friday, July 8th, 2016, was the final day of the 2nd week of the season, and it was great! We had great results in all areas.

This included:

Area A: Got thru the Iron IIA in one square and are going down in the Iron I, and soon this will be the situation in the other square as well.

Area D: It appears that we may have the beginning of the plan of the gate! It looks like a classical chambered gate – but a very big one. And what also seems to be coming out is that there are two distinct phases of the gate – Iron I and Iron IIA! We have a lot of more work in this area – but things are looking quite astounding!

Area E: The donkeys are being excavated and interestingly, in one of them, there are bones of other animals (deer and dog)!

Area F: LB, Iron I and Iron IIA levels with nice preservation. The find of the day was definitely a decorated bone inlay!

Area K: More and more architecture and pottery on levels, and a few more loomweights. While we still don’t understand the architectural features – we are getting more and more stuff

Great end to a great week – and clearly, a lot of promising finds in the 2nd half of the season!

Here are some pictures:

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