Great start for the 3rd week – July 11, 2016

Well, the 3rd started with a bang with a lot of great finds in all the areas!

Area A is deep in the Iron I in one square and in the Iron IIA destruction in the other, with lots of restorable pottery coming up.

Area D is overloaded with finds today. The gate architecture is getting more and more impressive, with apparent three stages – representing (at this point from pottery, but with hints to stratigraphic/architectural phases as well) 11th, 10th, and 9th cent BCE, with a ton of finds near surface. Among the cool finds today are: a scarab, a cylinder seal, a flint blade core, another tabun, and many, many walls, rooms, etc. Really nice!

Area E: The two donkeys are looking really good – with great preservation – hopefully we will be able to conduct a wide range of analyses on the remains. The E team also found a nice bronze pin today

Area F: Working in LB, possible MB and Iron IIA levels, with some nice finds, including an almost complete upside down jar placed in an installation, a nice phytolith level/floor, and other finds.

Area K: Finally we are getting some comprehensible architecture in various squares, along with nice amount of restorable pottery and other finds. Looking good!

Nice way to start the week – here are some pictures:

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