Thursday, July 14th, 2016 on the dig

Another really nice day for a great team! Although we were not as many people as in the previous two days, things moved along really nice in all areas!

Area A: Louise and her team had a good day with a slew of Iron IIA vessels from the 9th cent BCE destruction level.

Area D: More and more finds in the gate area, and a lot of more walls beginning to connect and make sense. In the metallurgical area we had some nice finds as well, including a really nice square tuyère and small pit filled with ash – perhaps remains of some of the production processes.

Area E: Both donkeys are doing well – and coming out. Today it was decided that one of the donkeys should be named Jehoiakim (see Jeremiah 22…). A really cool find was a patch of phytoliths that was found right on the teeth of one of the donkeys – perhaps the donkey’s last meal before burial!

Area F: Great finds today, including a very nice late MB or early LB votive juglet, and some nice LB and Iron IIA levels.

Area K: Lots of more pottery and other finds from throughout the area – including loomweights, vessels and other cool things!

Great day! Here are some pictures: