Last day of week 3

Today, Friday, July 15, 2016, was the last day of week three of the 2016 season – and the end of a great week in general. Last night we had the end-of-the-week party – and we said goodbye to quite a few team members who leave Israel this weekend. Thanks to these and other team members for their exceptional work and motivation during the season!

Next week we will be a smaller team – “only” about 75… :-) (as opposed to ca. 200 on some of the days this week!)

We had quite a few visitors today, and many of them joined us for the end of the week tell tour of the various excavation areas.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Area A: Deep in Iron I (a lot of animal bones and Iron I pottery, and two very nice blades – one obsidian and one flint) and the Iron IIA (with more of the 9th cent BCE destruction level).

Area D: Lots of more finds in the gate area – and it looks like the gate is making more and more sense from an architectural points of view. Along with it we had nice Iron I and Iron IIA finds – and more and more evidence of the substantial Iron I construction and activity in the area. Johana and Lior Regev from WIS came to the dig today and sampled for 14C dating from various contexts in Area D. This will hopefully provide additional data for the existing 14C sequence that we have for the lower city.

Area E: One of the donkeys is out (and we have the petrous bones from this animal which is the current “holy grail” for DNA and other analyses of skeletal remains). The other donkey is fully exposed and we hope to remove it on Sunday. In addition, the Area E team took out a few floating walls in the area, and discovered a very interesting installation, possibly for cooking.

Area F: Excavation in the MB, LB and Iron IIA levels with various finds – and clarifications of various aspects of the stratigraphy.

Area K: More installations, vessels and other things coming out – and the area is looking great!

Looking forward to the final week. Here are some pictures:

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