Maa Paleokastro

Today I had a chance to visit the very interesting site of Maa Paleokastro in NW Cyprus. This is an important LC III site, connected to the changes seen in the eastern Mediterranean in the transition between the 13th and 12th cent. BCE. It is often suggested that this is a site connected to the initial Mycenaean colonization of Cyprus at the time and connected to the Sea Peoples phenomenon (although other suggestions have been raised as well). It is particular interesting to me in the context of understanding the Philistine phenomenon, and more so regarding our recent papers (with Louise Hitchcock) on the role of piracy among the Sea Peoples and Philistines. In any case, it was nice to visit a site that I had dealt with extensively for many years.

Here are some pictures – including some modern pirate ships (:-)

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  2. Ioannis-Andreas VLACHOS

    Did anyone there tell you what this curious toponym “Maa” (Μάα) means? If you are interested, I have an interpretation.
    I was last week-end on Ikaria for an international conference on the theme “Gods of Peace and War in the Myths of the Mediterranean Peoples”; there I met your excellent colleague Mr. David Ben-Schlomo, who told me he knew you very well. Unfortunately he did not know Clausewitz, the great theorician of War, so as to be in a position to answer to a Palestinian scholar who declared, commenting his intervention, that ‘the aim of all wars is to annihilate definitly the adversary, his culture, etc.”, while Clausewitz’s definition is that “it is not to annihilate the adversary but to neutralize him, because by anihilating him, someone else, possibly more dangereous, could take his place”.
    Your text and the photo of the Ikarian cormoran will be published with a short biography (taken from Wikipedia, if you dont mind) in a local publication. By the way, in which circumstances did you stay twice on Ikaria?
    Sincerly yours


    1. arenmaeir

      Hi! Would love to hear a suggestion on the meaning of “Maa”!
      Davis is not only a colleague and friend – he is a former PhD student of mine. Sorry to hear that there was politics going on at the meeting…
      Looking forward to seeing the Ikaria piece. My wife and I were there, twice, on vacation.


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