Meeting in Warsaw

As previously noted, on this last Tuesday-Wednesday, I participated in a very interesting conference in Warsaw, on the Aegean and the Levant during the transition between the Late Bronze and Iron Ages. The meeting was an excellent, very intimate meeting, with about 25 participants, most of whom presented papers.

The papers dealt with various issues relating to the topic of the meeting, but from many various perspectives. By and large, the papers were excellent, the discussions were stimulating – and the hosting and organization (organized by Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spano) superb.

What can be seen from the papers is that a lot of very interesting research is being conducted nowadays on related topics!

In addition to the “regular suspects”, I also got to meet some very interesting scholars, as well as interact with some who I don’t usually meet in other contexts.

And best of all – the papers will eventually published – so the public will get to see them as well!

Here’s a group picture of the participants: