Short clip about excavations – without any content…

A short clip, supposedly describing “Discoveries where Goliath may have walked” – referring to Gath – was posted today on the youtube channel of the Museum of the Bible (thanks to G. Grena for the HT)

While its really nice that they posted this, once you actually watch the clip, it’s quite astounding that just about no information, insights or new discoveries are mentioned regarding Tell es-Safi/Gath (though they do show low quality still shots of the site off season in the beginning) and then they very briefly describe the discovery of the Philistine cemetery at Ashkelon.

In light of the massive sums of money poured into this museum and related projects, I would expect a little more quality – and research – put into productions that they are producing. And if they are discussing a specific site (whether Gath or any other site), it would make sense to speak to those excavating that site!!!

C’mon guys – you can do better than that…

Here’s the clip – judge it for yourself:

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