New article on Sea Peoples and pirates

A new article on the maritime culture of the Sea Peoples, one of series of articles by Louise Hitchcock and yours truly, is about to appear.

The article’s full title is:

Hitchcock, L. A., and Maeir, A. M. 2016 A Pirates’ Life for Me: The Maritime Culture of the Sea People. Palestine Exploration Quarterly 148(4).

Here’s the abstract:

An anthropological approach to a culture extrapolates social structures, traditions, and general organizing principles of that culture from the careful observation of patterns of behaviour as described in case studies. In the absence of a living culture to record, archaeologists extrapolate this information from behaviour reconstructed from spatially determined patterns in the deposition of material remains and from patterns found in the general organizing principles of historically documented cultures, using arguments based on analogy. This contribution builds on our previous research on the “Sea Peoples” as a piratical culture in order to apply an anthropological approach to understanding the cultural identities of the various tribal groups involved in maritime activities at the end of the Bronze Age who are popularly known as the “Sea Peoples”, and place this within the broader context of the current discussions on the transition between the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age in the Mediterranean.

To see the corrected page proofs – see here.



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