Safi related lectures at ASOR and SBL

For those of you who will be at the ASOR and SBL meetings next week in San Antonio, here is a list of presentations that are either directly related to the Safi project, or given by people that are, or have been, involved in the Safi project:

Safi-related talks (and by Safi-related people) at the ASOR meeting (San Antonio, Nov. 16-19, 2016 – for full program – see here)

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016:

Session: 1D. Archaeology of Israel I, San Antonio Ballroom D & E

9:45 Aren Maeir (Bar-Ilan University), “Excavation Results at Tell es-Safi/Gath and their Implications: An Update for the 2015 and 2016 Seasons” (15 min.)

Session: Archaeology and Biblical Studies I

9:05 Chris Mckinny: “Struck Down for Error”: A Discussion of Two Early Iron Age Israelite Temples and Their Possible Connection to the Movements of the Ark of Covenant in Samuel

Session: 1H. Art Historical Approaches to the Near East I, San Antonio Ballroom I

9:25 Linda Meiberg (University of Pennsylvania), “Decorative Motifs on Philistine Pottery and Their Cretan Connections” (25 min.)

Session 2E. History of Archaeology, San Antonio Ballroom F

11:10   Christina Olson (East Carolina University), “Lost Among Treasures: An Analysis of Forgotten Pots in the Albright Attic” (25 min.)


Session 3D. Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages I

2:00     Haskel Greenfield (University of Manitoba), “The Early Bronze Age Domestic Neighborhood at Tell es- Safi/Gath, Israel: An Update on Recent Research” (15 min.)

2:20     Shira Albaz (Bar-Ilan University), “Foundation Deposit as Domestic Ritual in EB III at Tell es-Safi/Gath” (15 min.)

3:20     Josephine Verduci (University of Melbourne), “Metal Jewelry of the Southern Levant and its Western Neighbors: Surprising Results Concerning Cross-Cultural Influences during the Early Iron Age” (15 min.)

3:40     Jeffrey Chadwick (Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center), “The 54 cm Canaanite Cubit in Bronze Age Canaan and Iron Age Israel, Judah, and Philistia” (15 min.)

Session 3G. Material Culture and Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean III, San Antonio Ballroom H

3:15 Louise Hitchcock (University of Melbourne) & Aren M. Maeir (Bar-Ilan University), “Pulp Fiction or Tangible Connections?” (20 min.)

Friday, Nov. 18th, 2016:

Session 6A. Object Biography for Archaeologists III, San Antonio Ballroom A

11:15 Brent Davis, A Temple Foundation Peg

Session 6B. The Archaeology of Feasting and Foodways, San Antonio Ballroom B

11:30 Elizabeth Arnold (Grand Valley State University), “Animal Production Over- Consumption? How Stable Isotopes of Animal Remains Can Address These Questions” (20 min.)

11:55 Tina Greenfield (University of Manitoba), “Late Bronze Age Feasting in Canaan: A View from Tel Burna” (20 min.)

Session 6E. Archaeology of the Southern Levant, San Antonio Ballroom F

11:05 Itzhaq Shai (Ariel University), “Two Cypriot Pithoi from Late Bronze Age Tel Burna” (20 min.)


Safi-related talks at the SBL Meeting (San Antonio, Nov. 19-23, 2016 – for a search engine of full schedule, see here)

Saturday, Nov. 20th, 2016:

Session: Wisdom of the Ages, 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, Theme: The Rise of Israel: Historical Theory and Practice in the First and Second Temple Periods in honor of Lester Grabbe

Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University, Respondent (15 min)


Sunday, Nov. 21st, 2016:

Session Hebrew Bible, History, and Archaeology, 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM, Theme: History and Memory

Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University, Keys to the past? Archaeological Correlates of Social and Cultural Memory from the Ancient Levant (20 min)

Session: Archaeology of the Biblical World, 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, Room: 217A (2nd Level – West) – Convention Center (CC), Theme: New Insights on the Iron Age IIB in the Shephelah (Eric Welch, University of Kansas – Lawrence, Presiding)
Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University, New Insights on the Iron IIB in the Shephelah: The View from Tel es-Safi/Gath (20 min)
Itzick Shai, Ariel University Center of Samaria, New Insights on the Iron IIB in the Shephelah: A View from Tel Burna (20 min)
Cynthia Shafer-Elliott, William Jessup University, Insights on the Iron IIB from Tel Halif: Household Archaeology on the Shephelah’s Periphery (20 min)