Pirates in the Lab! First “Lunch at Safi: A sandwich with an idea” presentation

As mentioned previously, today we had the first meeting of what we hope we will conduct once a month – “Lunch at Safi: A sandwich with an idea”.

The meeting is an informal get together in the lab, to which all students and staff from the BIU department are invited. At the meeting, in addition bringing their own sandwiches and getting a cup of coffee from us, the basic idea is for the participants to hear a short presentation on one of the topics that has been researched recently as part of the project activities.

This time, I have a short talk on the ideas that Louise Hitchcock and me have been writing about recently – the suggestion that some of the Philistines (and other “Sea Peoples”) may have pirate-like characteristics.

Each time we will choose another topic – looking forward to this.

Here’s a few pictures from the meeting:

pirates-in-the-lab_3 pirates-in-the-lab_2 pirates-in-the-lab_1

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