Richard Walsh recreates Philistine vessels

Richard Walsh, who is an accomplished potter from Australia, was a Safi team member in the 2013 season, and is planning to join the team this coming summer (2017) once again.

Richard has sent me photos of several vessels that he produced that are  replicas of various vessels from Iron Age Philistia. This includes three Iron I deep bowls, an Iron I “spoon flask”, and an Iron IIA decorated chalice!

See below – these are truly impressive creations!


richard-walsh-vessels-2 richard-walsh-vessels-3 richard-walsh-vessels

3 thoughts on “Richard Walsh recreates Philistine vessels

  1. ryanwc4

    Is there an agreed definition of what a spoon flask is. That is, what it’s purpose was or how it was used? It’s not immediately apparent to me. I mean, you can’t use the spoon-shaped thing as a spoon if you’re using the flask part as a flask, right? Is it a lamp in the form of flask with a large reservoir and a small spoon-shaped area where some sort of wick might float?

    I tried googling, and while I found a reference to one at Tell Qasile, I couldn’t actually find anything that described what they are meant to be.


    1. arenmaeir

      I would assume it was used to dispense a valuable liquid, in a measured way, just as today you have somewhat similar spoons for dispensing medicine to children/infants.


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