Safi on the list of “Best Archaeological Finds in Israel in 2016”

A list of the “best archaeological finds in Israel in 2016” was just published, and our excavations at Safi have made the list!

Personally, the finds that are in the list don’t represent exactly what I would see as the 10 most important finds in Israel in 2016 – but since Safi is included – I’ll forgive them…

And what of finds were chosen? The EB donkey burials and that we have an Egyptian donkey – which in fact relates to a study published in 2016 on finds from earlier seasons – even if we did find 3 additional donkey burials in the 2016 season…

HT to Haskel for the link!

4 thoughts on “Safi on the list of “Best Archaeological Finds in Israel in 2016”

  1. Thomas

    Aren: Biblical Archaeology Review has published it’s top ten list, and named the discovered of “the first and only” Philistine Cemetery at Ashkelon as the top discovery of the year. I’m confused, apparently. I thought you and your team found a cemetery at Tell es-Safi/Gath a few years back. Am I correct, or have I misremembered?


    1. arenmaeir

      Thomas – just proves that you should not believe everything that’s printed… That said, the Ashekelon is the large large scale, well-preserved Iron Age cemetery at one of the major Philistine sites. There are cemeteries at other Philistines sites (Azor for example), and at Safi we have, I believe located one of the cities cemeteries, but we only excavated one of the tombs, which was mostly looted. Here is a link to the paper:


  2. Thomas

    I’m glad to know my memory is not completely shot. I remember you talking about that tomb at your presentation a few years ago in Springfield, Missouri. (I particularly remember a funny change between you and the questioner about whether you had found any 9-foot skeletons.) However, I had forgotten about Moshe Dothan’s cemetery discovery at Azor, so thanks for reminding me about that.


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