Upcoming meeting: From Nomadism to Monarchy? “The Archaeology of the Settlement Period”– 30 Years Later (March 15-16, 2017)

Heads up for a very interesting meeting that will be held at Tel Aviv University on March 15-16, 2017.

To mark almost 30 years since the publication of the Hebrew edition of the landmark volume, edited by N. Na’aman and I. Finkelstein, “From Nomadism to Monarchy” (Jerusalem: IES; Hebrew edition 1990; English edition 1992), the Annual Aharoni Memorial Conference will be devoted to reassessing this volume after some 3 decades of research.

The two day conference will include lectures by a long list of leading scholars who will deal with related issues, aiming to present reassessments and new perspectives on various topics relating, directly or indirectly, to the appearance and development of the Israelite and Judahite cultures in the Iron Age.

I am very fortunate to have been invited to participate as well. I will be giving a paper: “Like Frogs out of a Pond: Identity Formation in Early Iron Age Philistia and Beyond” – in which I will discuss some issues relating to how the different groups in early Iron Age southern Canaan formed and defined their identities, and how these can, and cannot, be seen archaeologically.

Below is the complete schedule for the day (thanks to Ido Koch for this – and here is a pdf version of it – from-nomadism-to-monarchy-march-2017-program):


from-nomadism-to-monarchy-march-2017-program_page_1 from-nomadism-to-monarchy-march-2017-program_page_2 from-nomadism-to-monarchy-march-2017-program_page_3 from-nomadism-to-monarchy-march-2017-program_page_4
















Should be very interesting!